I am what you might call an outdoor photographer. I spend a lot of time out-and-about looking at scenery and wild animals. Whilst I have been known to dabble with portraiture, macro-photography, or even street scenes, it is the great outdoors that has always captured my imagination.
I was raised in the Staffordshire Moorlands area of England, and its wide open spaces still feel like home in many ways. The moors, the rocky outcrops known as The Roaches, and the picturesque White Peak National Park were very much taken for granted in my earlier years, but far more appreciated after spending time in the cityscapes of Bristol and Leeds. Later still, I moved to Poland which looks very different to "home", but is equally beautiful and features seemingly endless miles of forests filled with all manner of wild animals.
So... where do I go and what do I see?


I spend a great deal of time in the forest. This is where I find most of my images, both animals and scenery.  I'm lucky enough to have a large forest (Puszcza Notecka) right on my doorstep. I've also been lucky enough to find wild animals in Poznań, and in the communal woods that surround it. The famous Bialowieza Forest and its surroundings on  the border between Poland and Ukraine have also been a source of much joy for me.



Besides forests, a lot can be found on the neighbouring fields. There is beautiful scenery to seen everywhere, if only you would choose to look up.... and a lot of that scenery's residents are easy to spot, if only you would choose to look down!

Brown hare


Surprisingly, there's plenty to been seen without going anywhere. Just by sitting in your own back garden, you can run into any number of beasts, birds, and blossoms. I enjoy spending time just sitting quietly with my camera. My visitors are sometimes worth a shot or two.

Eurasian Jay

Hills and houses

If it's a good view you're looking for, there's no better place than the top of a hill. It's not only the eagles that get to see things from a birds-eye-view.
If it's buildings you're interested in, you'd better get your walking boots on.

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